Creating economic, social and environmental value from waste, clay and salt resources  

  Archive & Equipment Storage Solutions  
Archive & Equipment Storage Solutions
  • Security and risk management
  • Affordability
  • Quality assurance program supported by Tellus-Acceptance©, Tellus-Storage©, Tellus-Recovery© Tellus-Destruction© Certificates
  • Bar-coding technology to provide up-to-date data on all stored items
  • Customers can access this data through an Online Database Portal and request online asset collection and retrieval, Scan-on-Demand and Fax / E-mail Back service, Order status checks
  • For all end of line and out of date data stock, physical data( paper, film archives) and legal documentation, hard storage devices (photocopier and other hard drive devices) that has reached its mandatory storage lifecycle requirements. Tellus can offer complete destruction / isolation specifically tailored to the type of product being destroyed
  • Reduction of liability
What can be stored?
Tellus will offer, going forward, ultra-secure physical archiving in compliance with Government regulations for intuitional organisations (universities, hospitals government depts.)

The following can be stored:
  • Sensitive and classified information
  • Electronic, film and paper
  • High value artworks and pieces of cultural significance
  • Bullion and Estate jewellery
  • High value equipment
  • Electronic storage devices (CD, DVD, video tape, hard drives and microfiche)
  • Customs and exercise captured items
Tellus SaltVault-Store®
Tellus is developing SaltVault-Store® a unique underground warehouse storage solution. Tellus plans to create highly secure underground voids where Tellus mine millions of tonnes of salt for international markets from our proposed Chandler Salt Facility in the Northern Territory, Australia's first underground salt mine).

The mine, 850 metres underground, will be naturally free from the dangers of ultraviolet light or pests.

Tellus facilities maintain a high level of strict information security with access control integrity (Tellus employee only and no contractor access) to underground facilities by highly secured limited tunnel access with closed circuit TV and 24 / 7 remote and physical monitoring. All Tellus staff undergo a security evaluation (police criminal check) and are required to sign a company confidentially deed as part of their employment.
  • Bar-coding technology to provide up-to-date data on all stored items.
  • Customers can access this data through an Online Database Portal where they can request:
    • Asset collection and retrieval
    • Scan-on-Demand and Fax Back service
    • Order status checks
    • Review and edit database information associated with each asset
    • Add content descriptions
    • Purchase additional services and materials
    • Generate records management reports
Tellus can arrange the secure delivery, processing and return of documents and products through a permanent container service or an 'as required' bulk collection from a number of Tellus' preferred service providers or the customers' existing service providers.
Tellus-Acceptance™ and Tellus-Storage™ Certificates
When the waste materials or archives or equipment materials arrive on site and have been inspected a Tellus-Acceptance Certificate™ will be issued. This specifies the product type accepted, its quantity, tracking number and date accepted.

When the waste (if the client wants a retrievable waste materials solution), archives or equipment have come to rest in their designated storage area a Tellus-Storage Certificate™ will be issued.

This specifies the product type stored, its quantity, tracking number and date stored.

Document/Equipment Destruction (Confidential)
The Privacy Act requires businesses to ensure the confidentiality of personal information. Tellus is evaluating the provision of a complete Document Destruction services that is reliable and meets all confidentiality and security requirements.

Document/Equipment Destruction Method
Any non-recyclable residuals are compacted and disposed of under supervision at an approved Tellus facility disposal room or cell.

This specifies the product type recovered, its quantity, tracking number and date destroyed.

A destruction method is specifically tailored for the materials. One of the methods available is that the destruction occurs through permanent isolation by backfilling the compacted archives or equipment with salt within a designated salt room deep underground.

Tellus-Permanent Isolation Certificate™ (Tellus PIC™)
A Tellus-PIC™ will be issued at the completion of all work that shows the customer is managing the materials in a responsible way, is compliant with the relevant regulatory bodies.

Where permanent isolation of the waste is elected by the Client:
  • Due to Tellus’ superior multibarrier safety system comprising active and passive controls and adequate assurance and insurance, the geological repositories can permanently isolate the waste
  • Tellus is the only Company that can issue valuable Tellus-PIC™
  • Tellus-PIC™ certify critical facts that may provide a basis for customers to derecognise a provision on their financial statements under accounting standard AASB 137
  • Tellus-PIC™ may also be used as evidence of compliance with Government’s “Four Pillar” regulatory policy framework for hazardous materials that include: Environmental Protection, Product Stewardship, Occupational Health and Safety and Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations
The Tellus-PIC™ specifies the product type permanently isolated (disposed), its quantity, tracking number and date destroyed.
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