Creating economic, social and environmental value from waste, salt and clay resources  

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Public Notices and Advertisements
Public Notices & Advertisements

Please find links to the following reports associated with the submission of the Chandler EIS.
  • September 2016 Draft Terms of Reference - Now available on the NT Environment Protection Authority website. Access the draft Terms of Reference by visiting »
  • Statement of Reasons – Lodged with the NT Environment Protection Authority in April 2016. This document outlines variations to the 2012 Notice of Intent. Please go to for more information »
  • Notice of Intent - lodged 16th November 2012 with the NT Government, Department of Mines and Energy. View Document »
  • Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act Referral - lodged December 2012 with the Commonwealth Government, Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.
  • Draft Guidelines for preparation of the PER/EIS were issued by NT EPA for public comment on the 22 June 2013. Comments close 5 July 2013. For further information refer to:
  • Final EIS Guidelines issued by NT EPA - 19 July 2013. View Document »
  • NT Government Major Working Group Presentation (December 2015)
  • Chandler Draft EIS (to be uploaded once the EPA has approved it for public review)
  • Final EIS (to be uploaded once the EPA has Ministerial consent)
  • Final EIS (to be uploaded once the EPA has Ministerial consent)
Environmental Impact Assessment

In 2013, Tellus lodged a Notice of Intent to the NT EPA. In April 2016, Tellus lodged a variation Notice of Intent to the NT EPA. The EPA issued Final Terms of Reference in September 2016. View Document »

A draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) has been prepared for the Proposal. It addresses environmental, social and economic aspects associated with construction, operation, and closure and rehabilitation of the Proposal in accordance with the Terms of Reference. View draft EIS »

The draft EIS will be on public exhibition for six weeks (18 th February – 31 st March 2017). The draft EIS will also be circulated to the relevant government advisory bodies for review during this period.

Community and Stakeholder Briefing Sessions

Tellus will hold a number of community and stakeholder information sessions to coincide with lodgement of the Chandler Facility EIS. The aim of the sessions is to:
  • Describe the Proposal.
  • Outline the matters of environmental, social and economic issues as requires by the Terms of Reference.
  • Allow key stakeholders and community members the opportunity to ask questions
Tellus representatives will be available to answer any questions during these sessions.

The sessions will be held in Titjikala, Alice Springs and Darwin during February to March 2017.

Approvals Stage - Exploration
  • Mine Management Plan - Exploration Operation granted 17th July 2012 by NT Government, Department of Resources, Mining Environmental Compliance Group.
  • Mine Management Plan - Exploration Operation Renewal 2016. View Document »
  • JORC Exploration Target Estimate - consent to release 27 July 2012.
  • Mining Risk Management Plan - approved by NT Work Safe on the 8th August 2012.
  • Exploration Deed - signed 10th August 2012.
  • JORC Measured Resource Estimate - consent to release 3 July 2014. View Document »

Approvals Stage - Mining and Storage Operations
  • Major Project Status - Chandler salt mine project awarded Major Project status by the Northern Territory Government on the 25th September 2014
  • Mineral Lease - Notice of Proposed Grant of Mineral Lease ML30612 received
  • Targeting submission of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in H2 2016
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