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  Indigenous Participation  
Indigenous Participation
As a major potential employer with long project lives that could cross generations in regional and remote areas in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, Tellus has an important role to play in contributing to improved economic and social outcomes for indigenous Australians.

Tellus will be developing a strong employment and retention support program for indigenous employees, indigenous owned businesses and community engagement within the areas Tellus works. Tellus recognises that for some indigenous participants getting job ready is the first step.
Tellus' Pre-employment Training Program (“Getting Job Ready”)

As part of Tellus' proposed “Chandler Mine Participation Agreement”:
  • Pre-employment training programs will be available to expose indigenous participants to the requirements of employment, particularly within the Chandler Project.
  • Pre-employment training programs will be run between 2 and 4 weeks, and consists of on and off­ the-job training that focus on areas such as work ethics, life skills, personal safety, communication skills, shift-work, computers, and numeracy and literacy skills.
  • Participants who successfully complete the program will receive a Certificate of Attainment, and may be considered for full-time employment, part-time employment, traineeships, or apprenticeships.
  • Tellus or through its contractors will established an Indigenous Pre-employment Training Program.
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Indigenous Employment Program
  • Tellus supports establishing a stable and dedicated local work force and is developing a number of systems and procedures in place to encourage indigenous employment. In particular, Tellus is proposing:
    • Tellus School to Jobs Program comprising an annual schools tour
    • Tellus Pre-employment Training Program (“Getting Job Ready”)
      • Tellus' Traineeships Program
      • Tellus' Apprenticeships Program
    • Tellus' Employment Programs and Systems
      • Tellus Gender Balance Work Program - "Sisters in Mining" Program
      • Tellus' Disabled Worker Program
      • Tellus Rehabilitated Prisoner Work Program
  • Tellus sees employment of Indigenous Australians as a pathway to building a sustainable, local, and dedicated workforce. It can also help to address skill shortages, labour shortages, and staff turnover, especially in rural and remote areas of Central Australia and the Goldfields;
  • Tellus recognises the importance of providing opportunities for indigenous employees to progress along career paths within Chandler workforce on their merits;
  • Tellus recognises that some indigenous people have particular cultural obligations which require flexible work practices; and
  • Tellus will deliver Cross Cultural Training to all employees and Long Term Contractors. The Cross Cultural Training is in addition to work place diversity training currently provided by Tellus to its employees and contractors. This contributes to expanding the knowledge and awareness of non-Indigenous staff;
  • Meeting corporate social responsibilities and objectives - Improving opportunities and outcomes for Indigenous Australians seeking employment supports economic independence and the development of modern life skills, which can help to address the long-term disadvantage experienced by Indigenous Australians.
  • Tellus is proposing to also support better education and training outcomes for Indigenous Australians by making links with local communities and involving them in accredited employment based training such as traineeships and apprenticeships.
Tellus employment opportunities
Tellus executives getting cross cultural training
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