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2015 News Releases
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2015 Company News
Date Title Size
2015 Dec 10Darwin East Arm Storage and Transfer Facility Development Application Lodged 224 KB
2015 Nov 27Results of 2015 Annual General Meeting 142 KB
2015 Oct 21Tellus appoints UGL Limited as lead ECI contractor 175 KB
2015 Oct 20Tellus signs equipment supply and finance MOU 187 KB
2015 Oct 19Tellus appoints Financial Advisor 131 KB
2015 Oct 19Sandy Ridge Project proceeds to bankable feasibility 186 KB
2015 Oct 01Tellus appoints Chief Financial Officer 157 KB
2015 Aug 20Mining lease application lodged for Sandy Ridge 185 KB
2015 Aug 07Chandler Project Update 195 KB
2015 Jul 17Research and development tax incentive refund 162 KB
2015 Jun 18Successful Korean and Japanese Mission 241 KB
2015 Jun 16Successful Chandler Project Dry and Wet Salt Processing Pilots 218 KB
2015 Jun 15Tellus Chandler and Sandy Ridge Project Update (Chinese) 4.05 MB
2015 Jun 15Tellus Chandler and Sandy Ridge Project Update (Korean) 4.02 MB
2015 Jun 11Successful Kaolin Clay Processing Pilot 222 KB
2015 Jun 10Chandler Drilling Update 195 KB
2015 Jun 08Notice of proposed grant ML30612 Chandler Project 554 KB
2015 May 08Tellus expands business development team 563 KB
2015 Apr 22Tellus Lodges Sandy Ridge Project Referrals 215 KB
2015 Apr 22Tellus appoints Chief Financial Officer 552 KB
2015 Apr 22Sandy Ridge's bulk pilot plant commences operations 612 KB
2015 Apr 21Sandy Ridge Kaolin sent to UK for product trials 565 KB
2015 Apr 20Chandler's dry salt pilot commences 589 KB
2015 Apr 17Chandler's wet salt pilot commences 618 KB
2015 Apr 16Sandy Ridge bulk drilling program successful 589 KB
2015 Apr 15Sandy Ridge resource drilling program successful 647 KB
2015 Apr 02Tellus expands into Asia 549 KB
2015 Mar 16Central Australian Mining Seminar 5.42 MB
2015 Feb 13New Office and Brand 559 KB
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