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Working with Us
The way Tellus buys
Tellus will need to source a diverse range of goods, materials and services from suppliers during our projects build and operation stages.

We do not embrace the same procurement method in all cases, preferring instead to adopt the approach best suited to a particular need.

Depending on our requirements we will normally:
  • seek proposals on a competitive basis from a number of suppliers, however, we may seek a proposal from a single supplier ask for formal bids or tenders as part of the procurement and competitive benchmarking process
  • conduct negotiations with prospective suppliers, instead of or in conjunction with a formal bid or tender process
  • vary the length and structure of contractual commitments we enter into; and
  • rarely, if ever call for open tenders.
In each case, our objective is to minimise cost and maximise value. In addition, we aim to ensure that the approach we adopt is fair and is clearly understood by our potential suppliers. We have a strong preference for contracting with local companies where possible.

Tellus' approval process
Only certain senior Tellus employees have the authority to formalise and execute contracts with suppliers. With rare exceptions, these agreements are always on Tellus standard forms of contract. If, as a supplier you appear to have a contract that is not in line with these guidelines, then this contract may not have been executed in accordance with Tellus' policy.

Purchase order terms and conditions
All goods and services supplied to Tellus must be supplied in accordance with our standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, at a minimum.

Interested in becoming supplier with Tellus?

Chandler Project (NT)
For suppliers of goods and services that are interested in the Chandler Project please express your interest by visiting or contact ICN Northern Territory on 08 8922 9422.

ICN Gateway

ICN Gateway is an online system that allows suppliers to browse and express their interest in new business opportunities and mining and infrastructure projects like the Chandler project. This helps Tellus project and procurement managers to manage the supplier registration process.

Sandy Ridge Project (WA)
If you are a supplier and would like to register your company with Tellus you can do so via contacting the following email: [email protected]

The information you provide will be recorded, and used by our Procurement team as an initial point of reference for developing a list of potential suppliers.

Please note:
Registering does not pre-qualify your company as a Tellus supplier and does not guarantee that your company will be contacted by Tellus to supply goods and/or services to Tellus.

There is a comprehensive vetting process undertaken prior to awarding any supplier with a Tellus contract. The process can involve supplying a written quote to a scope of works proposal.

Multiple registrations do not improve your company's visibility to Tellus; however, your company should complete a new enquiry form if your company's information changes after submittal.
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