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Tellus Holdings Ltd ("Tellus") is an infrastructure development company in the business of creating economic, social and environmental value from waste resources, salt and clay.

This dual revenue model involves mining the commodities salt and kaolin and backfilling the voids left from mining with equipment, archives or long term storage of hazardous waste. Tellus plans to store like-with-like materials, so as to create opportunities for the future long-term, storage, treatment and recovery of valuable materials or the permanent isolation of waste.
  • Tellus supports releasing valuable materials back into the circular economy or storing them safely until they can
  • Compelling economics backed by long term “take or pay” or “give or pay” contracts with blue chip companies
  • Tellus' business model mirrors world's best practice solutions operating in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada
  • Unique long life, infrastructure assets
  • First mover advantage in Australasia
  • Globally proven dual revenue business model
  • Servicing Government and a diverse Blue Chip customer base
  • Tellus' ability to permanently solve waste management problems and issue Permanent Isolation Certificate removes liability from Directors and Companies
  • Highly experienced executive management team with significant Class IV and V hazardous waste experience
  • World class contractors and consultants
  • Tellus is focused on developing two flagship dual revenue projects - The Sandy Ridge Facility (Western Australia) and The Chandler Facility (Northern Territory)
  • Significant multigenerational employment opportunities for indigenous people and enterprises
  • Chandler Facility - Dual revenue underground salt mine with underground deep geological repository facility (120km south of Alice Springs, Northern Territory [NT])
  • Chandler Project has been awarded Major Project Status by the NT Government
  • Sandy Ridge Facility - Dual revenue kaolin mine with arid near surface geological repository (240 km north-west by vehicle of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia [WA])
  • ClayVault WA - a 50/50 Joint Venture between Tellus and Aurora, project manager of Australia's Only Existing Class V Intractable Waste Disposal Facility (IWDF) (Mt Walton East IWDF)
  • Tellus International - Tellus is working with a number of international parties on technology and innovation to support construction and operation of our facilities. Once operational, Tellus intends to replicate our business model overseas
Tellus commodity products
  • Industrial salt (primarily Asian exports)
  • Kaolin for ceramic and paint market (primarily Asian markets)
Tellus Environmental Services at
Sandy Ridge Facility - ClayVault®
Chandler Facility - SaltVault®
  • Equipment and archive storage
  • Liquid waste above ground temporary storage
  • Liquid waste solidification
  • Solid waste storage
  • Recycle and resource recovery (supporting circular economy)
  • Permanent waste isolation
  • Issue of Assurance Certificates TellusTrack©, Tellus-Acceptance©, TellusSolidification©, Tellus-Storage©, Tellus-Recovery©, Tellus-Destruction© (archives), Tellus-Permanent Isolation© Certificates (waste)
Agriculture, forestry and fishing, construction, government, health care, manufacturing (chemicals, fabricated metal products, equipment and machinery, heavy industry, oil and gas), media and telecommunications, mining, professional, scientific and technical services, support services, utilities (electricity and gas supply, water supply, waste collection, treatment and disposal services), transport (road, rail, water, air and space, postal and courier pick-up and delivery services), warehousing and storage services, wholesale and retail trade.
  • Tellus has already signed a number of long term (“take or pay” or “give or pay”) storage agreements with a number of blue chip companies from a diversity of industries
  • Tellus has signed a kaolin market development agreement with AMR, major Hong Kong based kaolin trading house for Tellus' kaolin to be supplied into the growing Asia market
  • Tellus has signed a "take or pay" salt distribution agreement with an Indonesian Buyer for Tellus' salt to be supplied into Asia
  • Tellus has lodged key regulatory approvals milestone documents with Federal, Western Australia and Northern Territory Government regulators
  • Tellus has signed an MOU with CCTEG for mining equipment finance. Finance package is valued at AUD$120 million. CCTEG is one of China's largest state-owned enterprises, generating more than US$7B revenue and specialising in the manufacture and sale of specialised mining equipment
  • Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) Consortium in place
International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)1 considers salt rock as impermeable to liquids and gases and a very effective barrier for long - term storage of hazardous waste. A minimum thickness of the salt layer, however is needed to ensure safe encapsulation. Few countries have suitable formations. Clay formations are also considered as an excellent barrier for the long- term storage of hazardous waste.
1 Practical Sourcebook on Mercury Waste Storage and Disposal, 2015, UNEP.
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Governing Council (GC), in decision 25/5, requested UNEP to enhance capacity for mercury storage and provide information on the sound management of mercury and mercury wastes. The project for the preparation of the is one of UNEPs responses to this request. The project is a joint initiative of UNEP Chemicals Branch, Division of Technology Industry and Economics (DTIE), UNEPs International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC), and the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) under the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership
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